Hello and welcome.  My name is Carol Bemmels and I invite you to spend a few minutes exploring a new and delightfully easy way to feel good.   Emotional Freedom Techniques , also known as EFT or “Tapping” combines modern psychology with the ancient Chinese system of acupuncture.  But now without the needles! By gently tapping with your finger tips on acupoints while tuning into whatever problem you want to work on — distress quickly subsides and you’re left with a new sense of peace and emotional freedom.  New perceptions.  New behavior.  It’s so easy kids can do it.  It’s amazingly fast.   And the results are permanent.

Professionals and lay people all over the world are learning how to effectively reduce and eliminate stress. You could be one of them.   By learning how to use this safe and gentle technique, you can help yourself and others.

EFT succeeds with an amazing array of problems:

Fears and phobias
Anger problems
Bereavement issues
Self esteem and shyness
Weight loss

Work issues
Relationship issues
Pain/physical problems
School/ learning issues
Sports/performance issues
Abuse and trauma


Etc. Etc. Etc.

It’s motto  is “Try it on everything” because there’s no harm or “side effects” and since it’s so quick and easy – there’s not even much time wasted if it seems not to be effective.

By now, there’s an impressive amount of scientific research behind the amazing anecdotal claims and you can certainly check that out later.  I’ll give you some links.

But for now, how about a story, a true one, of how I administered some tapping relief to a fellow passenger in an airplane?   Buckle your seatbelts and proceed to the next page.