About Carol

The woman in this picture  was probably as mystified by EFT when she first saw it as you may be now. How could anything that silly looking produce any results besides laughter? But I tried it and I liked it.  It’s now my favorite therapeutic tool.

I have a master’s degree in counseling/psychology and have been working in the general field of counseling for 40 years   with children, teens and adults.  I’ve worked in agencies, hospitals and schools.   I learned EFT in 1999 and got trained and certified soon after.

I’m also certified in Matrix Re-imprinting, a powerful, new modality which utilizes EFT to dig deep into past foundational experiences and  change the residual negative feelings and beliefs.   In addition – I’m a poet, public speaker, retired actor, avid reader, organic gardener and a person who likes to laugh a lot.

The last descriptor is quite important, actually.  I did my master’s thesis on humor, laughter and play in the therapeutic process.  Some people think that therapy, in order to be effective, needs to be serious and heavy. “No pain – no gain”  And while there’s some truth to that statement – there’s a big difference between stretching your muscles and re-traumatizing yourself.

It’s also true that few of us choose to go back and re-experience old pain and trauma, even if we think it might be good for us. Typically, a trip to the painful past bogs us down, rehearses the drama, and reinforces our negative conclusions about what happened.  Or makes us professional clients, more and more articulate about why we’re so messed up.  No relief there.  The beauty of EFT is that it is possible to handle this stuff (yes, you do have to go back and face it) in a light enough way that painful re-experiencing is avoided and the relief and laughter come sooner.

Specialties – Bereavement issues, phobias, anxiety, anger management, PTSD, performance issues and “women’s issues” —  specifically weight loss/body confidence issues and aging.

Please understand that in EFT – you don’t need a specialist so much as an expert in the technique itself.  Since the work is truly collaborative – you are “the expert” in your field.  I am just the outside consultant with new tools to help you. For this reason – even if your problem is not on the list of my specialties, I encourage you  to contact me and ask questions.  See for yourself if we’re “a fit”.

I used to work in person but now (thanks to Covid 19) exclusively by Zoom/Facetime and Skype. To most peoples’ surprise, it offers all the advantages of the usual face-to-face session with the convenience of no travel and more flexible scheduling. Silver linings!