Matrix Reimprinting is an EFT based therapy that was created by EFT Master, Karl Dawson. It’s a tapping technique that combines tapping on acupoints (usually finger points instead of the standard EFT shortcut on face, head and upper body) with a creative remaking of the past. It’s based on recent neurological findings about memory and how it’s stored and used. Since, in the subconscious – everything is present tense – it’s possible to visit the past and “recreate’ it.

Some of you may be familiar with the term “inner child” – the notion that we have these undeveloped parts of ourselves that are still affecting us – how we feel, think and act. Our development is arrested in different times of our lives and we still have childish parts that are acting up or running the show. And no matter how our adult thinks and wants to act – the kid seems to have the power to sabotage our best efforts. Much as we revere our conscious brains, the subconscious rules!

Similarly, Matrix Reimprinting uses the term ECHO to stand for “energetic consciousness hologram” – to signify a past self that got frozen in the moment and is still there causing some distress. This past self could be from yesterday – it doesn’t have to be a child – but when you follow the chain, many echoes have their younger selves in childhood.

What distinguishes MR from regular EFT is that instead of feeling the feelings of your present upset self and all the younger memories that go with it – you distance (disassociate is another word for it) yourself from that old persona and visit as an empowered, caring adult. You have magical powers of course – beginning with the ability to freeze the scene and approach that younger you. You imagine greeting him or her and explaining that you come from the future and can help. You explain how tapping can calm them him or her down and ask if you can do it. If he/she agrees you do it and then ask what needs to be done next. And you listen! It’s very important not to write the script before you go in. There are many surprises when you do that. Those young echoes want things that grown-up you wouldn’t think of – the magic is in following what your subconscious brings up.

You stay in that scene with that echo until there is resolution and a happy ending. Often, the younger person wants to go off and play somewhere. Think of how a toddler can cry mightily, then sigh and wiggle out of your lap to pursue something fun and interesting. Problem gone! Sometimes, though, there are younger echoes that your present echo will want to lead you to. Your job is to follow and bring your healing resources with you. In every frozen, unresolved distress of our lives – one of the common aspects is being alone or without resources to handle it or get over it. And you, the client, are there with your MR coach to be those missing resources.

You know the saying “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood?” – Matrix Reimprinting would have to agree. Without going into all the details (there is a reimprinting process at the end),  you go back —
rewrite the scenes the way you want them and emerge a different person with a different past. Do you remember the actual truth of what happened? Of course. But you now have an emotional overlay that is quite different and feels wonderful. And it feels more true than the factual story that ’s been running and ruining your life.

EFT removes the distress from the story (from 10 to 0) , but MR uses another scale (SUE) that goes from minus 10 to positive 10 and the top number is happiness/zest/empowerment.

I’ll give you an example of how this works by telling you one of my own MR sessions. I’ve worked on this scene for years in various healing modalities, EFT included, but as much as I have felt and tapped on this old memory – it seemed to still pop up now and then with emotional resonance. My chronic pattern was a feeling of being without help and it didn’t matter how I asked or yelled – it just wasn’t there!

The scene is a children’s ward in the hospital and I am 5 years old, without my parents for the first time, recovering from a tonsillectomy. It’s the middle of the night and I have to go to the bathroom. I know I’m not allowed to get out of bed by myself – but when I call and call – no one comes. I wet my bed because it’s the lesser of the 2 “crimes” – but the lingering distress is of calling and calling and no one coming. That’s the memory that pops up in session after session.

So what does little Carol (echo Carol) want? She wants her Mommy! (She tolerates a little tapping first and then makes her demand). Then, of course, she wants Daddy! Her parents were not ones to challenge authority – so a little tapping on them was necessary to embolden them to sneak in after visiting hours. She wants them to climb in bed with her (somehow the bathroom need disappeared) and read story books. So they pull the curtains around the bed and shhhhhh and giggle about breaking the rules and have a wonderful time together. As I recall – there were some helium balloons tied to the bedrails. The whole scene makes me smile every time I recall it and as I said earlier – it seems like a colorful overlay to the black and white photo of what really happened. Since that time – the memory never surfaces and I don’t feel like I can’t have the help I want. Of course I can. Even if I have to break some silly rules.

Matrix works because memory is malleable. We know now that we can remember things that never happened. Experiments have proved that you can install false memories and that plain old memory is not retrieving accurate records of the past – it’s actually a process of recreating every time. So every time we remember something – new context and information is getting added. Since this is so – why not add what was missing? Why not create the life you want? Starting with the past.