Services and Fees

Personal session

$75,  package of 3 sessions – $200

Introductory lectures

Free or standard fee/honorarium

Workshops and training

Fees upon request


Personal sessions are offered in Hopewell, New Jersey. I also can work just as well on Zoom or other video conferencing services.  Some people even prefer that option. During the pandemic this is the only option being offered. Also, a free 20 minute phone consult is offered to see if there’s a fit and to answer any questions you might have.  Sessions are approximately an hour, sometimes longer.

Introductory lectures can be at your workplace, home or organization.  They run about 60 minutes and are experiential, entertaining and include information about more resources for further learning.  If organizations or workplaces have standard speaker’s fees or honorariums  … I’d  certainly accept.  But I’m also very happy to speak for free for service organizations.  It’s my passion and pleasure to share this wonderful resource. * Again, duriing the Covid outbreak – all lectures are via video conferencing.

Training sessions can be from one and a half to five hours.  Minimum number of  participants  is 10 people.  Follow-up training sessions are highly recommended for troubleshooting and reinforced learning.

*About introductory lectures:

I’ve been offering entertaining lectures for many years.  Different topics, of course.  I didn’t know about EFT until 1998.  But I was out there sharing the best of what I knew to the community for a long time – to parents groups, hospital staff, battered women, teachers, social change activists, church members, graduate students, case workers, police officers, and laypeople of all ages.

My passion is to spread the word – plant seeds – tapping seeds.  So many people and organizations would benefit from learning this simple and elegant way to let go of stress.